Fusion Camp 2024

Fusion camp is all about students joining their lives with Christ and becoming energized to share Christ’s love with everyone around them! There will be powerful worship services, personal devotional time, team competitions, swimming at the lake, movies, basketball, gaga ball, crafts, hiking and much more!

When & Where

Fusion Camp 2024 Dates:
May 27th–31st

Fusion Camp Location:
Camp ToKnowHim
11116 Co  Rd 88,
Pisgah AL, 35765

Cost & Registration


Sunday, May 19th

Final Payments

Sunday, May 19th

Pay or check your registration balance by signing in to your Church Center account—go to your profile and click the “My Registrations” button.

Sponsor a Child

Some of our children have a desire to come to Fusion Camp, but family financial circumstances keep them from being able to go. You can help get a child there! Please prayerfully consider giving as the Lord directs you. Your gift will sow an eternal seed into the hearts of the next generation of disciples leading the world to Jesus! To Sponsor a child, click the “Sponsor” button below.

Camp Staff Application Process

At Fusion Camp we raise leaders starting from middle school on. Our staff consists of C.I.L.T.’s (Campers in Leadership Training), which are our middle school students; Junior Counselors, or our high school students; and Senior Counselors, which are the adults. All of our staff must go through an application process and meet our standard requirements. Our requirements begin with being a regular church attender, serving monthly in the house (with preference given to serving in Children’s Ministry), and having a reputation as a true follower of Christ. All of our staff complete background checks and attend mandatory trainings leading up to camp to ensure they are ready to serve your kids in the best way possible. These positions are selected through an application process. If you or your child are interested in being a C.I.L.T. or Counselor at Fusion Camp and you know you meet our requirements, apply below:

Drop Off & Check-In

World Harvest Church:
Check-in begins at 11:00 AM on Monday, May 27th, 2024 in the Main Building Lobby.

World Harvest Church
320 Hardscrabble Rd,
Roswell, GA 30075

Pick Up

World Harvest Church:
You can pick up your student at 3:00 PM Friday, May 31st, 2024 in the Main Building Lobby.

World Harvest Church
320 Hardscrabble Rd,
Roswell, GA 30075

Frequently Asked Questions

Any students currently in 2nd – 5th grade (rising 3rd-6th). It’s important that both the parent and the child are comfortable with the child attending a 4 night sleep-away camp. Children do not have to attend World Harvest Church to come! All are welcome!

We want our Fusion Camp experience to be not only enjoyable, but a life-changing time where each of them encounter God in a real way. To ensure this can happen our campers must agree to our code of conduct and sign our “Camper Covenant” upon arrival. Parents will be contacted if there is a continuous problem or a major behavior issue which could result in not returning to camp. Profanity is prohibited. Violent, threatening, dishonest, dangerous, or negative behavior on the part of the camper could result in their early dismissal from camp. It would be helpful for our team if parents reviewed these expectations even before arriving at camp.

Fusion Camp Camper Covenant

For the safety and overall atmosphere of the camp we ask that all our campers adhere to the dress code. Thank you in advance for your partnership in helping your camper(s) pack with these guidelines in mind:

Shorts and skirts must be loose fitting and a modest length

Any tank tops should be at least 3-fingers in width and should cover the belly (No midriffs)

Clothing should be wholesome and modest; any clothing that reveals cleavage or undergarments is unacceptable at camp.

Clothing should not be overly tight and students should not wear leggings or biker shorts unless covered by a long top.

All bathing suits for girls should be a 1 piece or a tankini that completely covers the belly (No midriffs). Please ensure that swimwear does not have cutouts (with the exception of small cutouts in the back of the swimsuit), high-cut bottoms, or plunging neck/backlines.

All Counselors and C.I.L.T.’s (Middle School Campers in Leadership Training)  have a cleared background check, and have proven themselves by serving monthly at the church and attending service regularly. All have been proven to be adults and students of character and actually pay to come and serve at Fusion Camp because they want to be used by God to see this generation raised up to know and follow Jesus.  Typically, the student/counselor ratio is 4:1.

A big part of keeping our children safe is informing them of what are appropriate and inappropriate interactions.  This begins with you a the parents. Please review these guidelines so your child it will not only protect them, but our staff as well. We will let our campers and staff know if they see or experience anything against these guidelines they should report it immediately.

Fusion Camp_Guide to Appropriate Interactions

  1. Recognize what is an appropriate and inappropriate interaction
  2. Resist inappropriate interactions. You have the right to say “NO” to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Report what makes you feel uncomfortable or if rules have been broken. Tell a staff member.

There is a small man-made lake that we use for our free time that has a dock, inflatable slide, rope swings, as well as kayaks and canoes. No camper or staff is allowed in the lake without a secured life vest. We post staff and life guards at each station to ensure all our students are safe.

Camp Store Money: We have an optional store where students can buy drinks, snacks, and candy. If you’d like them to have access to this we recommend about $10. You can put money towards the camp store at registration, or you may also bring $10 cash in a non-sealed envelope labeled with the student’s name. We will collect this money before we leave and set up an account for them to spend their money at camp.

Packing List:

  • Bible
  • Refillable Water Bottle (labeled with the camper’s name)
  • Pen
  • Clothing and Pajamas
  • Swimsuit (One-piece only please. See dress code for guidelines)
  • Sneakers
  • Shower stuff (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag and/or bed sheets (It’s chilly in the cabin at night)
  • Pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Towels (for shower and swimming)
  • 2 large garbage bags (for sleeping bag; wet and dirty clothes)

Remember: Please mark all of your camper’s belongings with his/her name.

No camper may bring any devices to camp. No cell phones, tablets, apple watches, MP3 players, or video game devices while at camp. We believe in disconnecting from technology in order to better connect to with God and with the people around us.

If your camper is found to have one of these items in his or her possession, the item will be collected by camp staff and securely stored until the end of camp. You will be notified to inform you of the situation.

At check-in, all parents will receive contact numbers of our administrative camp staff to contact in case of emergency, as well as WHC KIDS social media pages where we will also post daily updates of photos and videos so you will see what your child has enjoyed each day.

We prefer our students not to call home. We don’t have time for every student to call, and it also takes their focus away from settling in at camp and can lead to homesickness. However, we can make exceptions at certain times when we deem necessary and as the schedule permits.

Overnight camp is a great opportunity for your child to develop a strong sense of responsibility and independence while in the fun environment of camp. Homesickness can and does happen from time to time. Our camp staff will walk campers through these moments. We do our best to prevent homesickness by keeping their schedule full of fun activities.

You can help us in preventing homesickness by preparing them before you go and keeping your own anxieties in check. Offering statements like, “You’re going to have a great time!” Avoid statements like, “I’ll come get you if you want me to,” or “Call anytime you need me.” Campers who walk through feelings of homesickness and overcome usually experience a sense of accomplishment and it truly helps them grow.

However, if the situation becomes serious, rest assured we will contact you.

We know this is an investment into your child. We will open camp registration each September so you can begin making partial payments starting 9 months ahead of time to make it doable for every family. An initial $80 deposit is required to start and then you may make additional payments in any amount leading up to camp.

We do offer partial scholarships to children of World Harvest Church members. We prioritize our families who are active here at World Harvest and serve in the house.  But everyone is welcome to apply, and scholarships will be distributed a few weeks before camp. Fill out the application HERE.

Registration and final payment is due no later than Sunday, May 19th 2024.

Register early to reserve your child’s spot. Payments can be done any time by credit or debit card by signing in to your Church Center account, or by cash/check using the church envelope.

If you need to cancel your child’s registration, contact the church. You may cancel your registration up until May 19th. After that there will be no refunds since all payment would have been made.

Yes. You can login to Church Center and update any of your information yourself. If you have any issues contact the church.

We have a registered nurse full-time while at camp. They provide first-aid when needed and are on call for any injuries. They also assist our students who have special medical needs or require monitoring of medications.

What About My Student’s Medication?

On the day of registration Fusion Camp nurse will collect all prescription medication your student will need to take, and the Prescription Medication Authorization (add link) form signed by you. Please do not pack any of their medications in their suitcase.

When you come to pick up your student you can pick up any unused medication from the staff at that time. Medication dropped off by parents at the check-in station will only be returned to an adult.

FC Authorization For Medication


When you register you will be asked about food allergies. We will do our best to provide options for all students needs. Please remember not to pack any snacks with nuts.

Recent Illness

Campers must be feeling better, be fever-free, and without fever-reducing medication at least 24 hours before coming to camp.

We love to partner with families of students with special needs for many of our events on the church campus. Because of the nature of the camp, we ask that you contact us prior to registering your student so that we determine together if Fusion Camp is a possibility for them.

Yes! Click here to learn more about the facilities that we will be staying at.

We welcome your questions! Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply.

Contact our Camp Director, Tessa Hufton, via the contact form below.

Tessa Hufton | Director of Children’s Ministries

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